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Our Beliefs

At Altus Family Counseling, LLC, our primary goal is to aid others in their pursuit of living enriched lives while reaching for their fullest potential. All too often we are challenged by accepting our past, learning to cope with our present, and/or planning for the future. We believe that everyone has the ability to heal and grow. Through meaningful interactive therapy, our mission is to help those in our community achieve the life and goals they desire.

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Our Values

SENSITIVITY: We appreciate and respect the diversity and cultural differences of our patients and take into account the many multidimensional aspects of their lives. We strive to provide services that reflect the context of patients' health-related behaviors and needs, and to do so in a sensitive and caring manner.

EMPATHY: We strive to identify with our patients' situations and to have a sense of their feelings and emotions related to their needs. Offering a high level of empathy enhances trust and the quality of care that our patients deserve.

RESOURCES: We believe that solicitation and prudent utilization of resources is essential to providing effectual behavioral healthcare to our patients. We continually seek appropriate resources to meet our patients' needs.

VIRTUE: We assist patients in determining what is right or wrong for them; what works or does not work for them (Prudence). We uphold patients' rights and advocate for them (Justice). We encourage patients to remain steadfast in their recovery (Fortitude). We help patients achieve a healthy balance between legitimate needs versus inordinate wants (Temperance). 

INTEGRITY: We strongly uphold moral and ethical principles in our daily practice and in delivery of services. Our patients entrust their wellness to our professional care and expect to be treated, and to receive treatment, in a manner that honors professional codes and standards.

CARING, CONCERN, AND COMPASSION: We embrace and uphold these attributes throughout our practice of service as our patients' well being is foremost in the minds and hearts of everyone associated with Altus Family Counseling, LLC, including all of our staff are selected because they believe in and promote our mission and values.

ENVIRONMENT: We value our patients' well being and strive to provide a professional and friendly atmosphere in which they feel welcome and trusting; an environment conducive to the sensitive nature of their needs and to the settings in which our professionals provide treatment to meet those needs.

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