Roxie Powell


I believe individuals, families, and couples can live a more joyful and productive life if they have enough information and take an active role in the therapeutic process. I view therapy as a collaborative approach to attaining these goals. Therapy involves your active participation and a willingness to learn, change, and apply new information.


Therapy is a process. There is no instant fix. I may ask that you participate in homework and exercises within and outside of the session. You will likely have to confront the past, present, and make decisions about your future to reach your designated wellness goals. Seeking change is powerful, and there are both benefits and risks that come with therapy. Risks may include experiencing uncomfortable levels of sadness, guilt, anxiety, or anger. As you confront issues, you may feel worse, act out, or experience loss before you start to feel better. The benefits of therapy outweigh this possible short-term experience. The benefits include living the fullest life possible, on the terms you choose.


Work Experience


Regent University


University of Central Oklahoma


August - December, 2020

Masters of Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling Candidacy

Completion Anticipated in 2022

Bachelors of Science, Biology

Intern Marriage and Family Therapist

Altus Family Counseling, Altus, OK

Practicum Therapist

Alaska Marriage and Family Therapy, Anchorage, AK

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